Have you ever noticed a car tire appears more deflated compared to the others, or an indicator light on the dashboard (see pic above) suddenly appears? In either case the following steps will guide you through how to check tire air pressure and inflate tires at a gas station air pump machine.


Tire gauge

Quarters or bank card

Locate gas station air machine

Step 1: Locate Air Machine

Park your car close to coin operated air machine. TIP: If you are checking or inflating all tires, air hose should reach to the furthest tire from the machine.

Step 2: Remove Valve Caps

Unscrew valve caps from all tires and set aside.

Step 3: Find Pressure Number

Find recommended psi (pressure) number. Label can be found on inside rim of driver’s door or on sidewall of tire. TIP: When in doubt, 32 psi works as an average.

Step 4: Attach Air Gauge

Attach an air gauge to tire valve, pressing firmly until indicator bar “pops”. TIP: Number closest to where bar exits the gauge indicates air pressure reading.

Step 5: Insert Required Money

Insert proper amount of quarters or bank card into air pressure machine. Machine will automatically start when set amount is deposited.

Step 6: Set Pressure Number

Set machine to proper psi reading number.

Step 7: Inflate With Machine Gauge

Attach air pressure machine gauge to tire valve. Hold firmly in place, while tire airs, until machine alarms (indicating inflation psi reached). Repeat step seven for all tires. TIP: Air machines are timed to cut off automatically.

Step 8: Replace Valves

Replace all valve caps and the job is complete!