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Hey guys this is geramicc85 for you. I drive this dodge ram for about 7 years now with a BRC gas system. I have had this vehicle converted and im very happy with the Sequent Fly SF. The only thing that needs to be done every now and then is a filter change. This should be done annually or maximum every 15,000 km. Today I will show you how I change the liquid and gas phase filter myself. First it is important to buy the right filters. For that I take a look on the filter housing to know what filter it is. On the liquid-phase-filter i can find the inscription MTM ITALY and ET98. Of which there are two types. This is the filter type 1 because the lower part of the filter housing is made of brass. The gas phase filter is a FJ1HE. The easiest way is usually to order replacement filters online. Of course you can also go to the nearest LPG conversion garage. I ordered a set of the required filters including gasket rings, since I have not changed them last time. Before I start with the filter change I make sure that all parts are there. That looks good, this is the liquid-phase filter type 1. And here the gas-phase filter. I've chosen a reinforced polyester filter. It is supposed to extend the life span of the injectors through finer filtering and a metal-reinforced design. That relatively large 5.2l v8 engine burns a lot of gas, about 20L per 100km, thats about 11,5 mpg. Another reason why I chose the product slightly more expensive. Normally, the filter sits in the engine compartment. This is the evaporator, before that the liquid phase filter under this red shut-off valve. The vaporized gas then goes through this gas phase filter. The smaller cellulose filter comes in here, and the polyester filter in here. I start with the liquid phase filter and I disconnect it from the shut-off valve. Here the valve is bolted to the vaporizer. So i have to unbolt it and gently bend the copper lines upwards to be able to get to the bottom of the filter. Now I can lose the 15mm nut down at the filter bowl. Caution, because the rest of the gas in the pipe is going to come out. Be careful not to get it in the face. Icing occures, which can lead to skin damage. If the nut is released, the little pot can be unscrewed by hand. I put this lid aside for now and take off the nut. Then I pull this small threaded rod with the filter out of the pot. I pull the filter off the bolt. The filter is in a very poor condition and should probably be replaced earlier. Since i replace the gasket rings too, I pull off the old and slip a new one on. all the way to the bottom. Here is the old and the new liquid phase filter. As you can see there is a gasket ring on the top, the new one needs to be placed the same way. I now put the new filter with the smaller hole first on the bolt and press it onto the ring. On the small pot there is a ring gasket that I replace. For this I take out the old one like this and put the new into the groove. Down at the shut-off valve i also take out the old gasket ring and use a new one. Now I screw the filter with the bolt through the lid into the valve from the bottom. With a 15mm wrench, I make sure that the filter sits tight. Then I put the magnet ring onto the bottom of the filter, put the brass pot over it and secure it with the 15mm nut. Now, the shut-off valve must be mounted on the evaporator and connected to the control unit again. The gas phase filter will be changed next. Therefore, snap ring pliers are required. The pliers I use here are some old ones that i grinded of so that i can grab the snap ring well. So I take it off on one side and pull the connector out of the filter housing with some force. The remaining vaporized gas in there is under pressure and comes out, however, is not that much. I perform the same procedure on the other side of the housing. Then I can remove the housing and the old filter. One hole of the filter is sealed with a metal cap, I take that off. This can be a little difficult. The filter housing includes two rubber gasket rings, both will be changed. I use a small screwdriver to get them out of the groove. Before I put the ones in, I clean the housing with an old rag and some oil. I remove the old gasket ring of the metal cap, clean the part and also put on a new one, then i close one side of the filter with it. There is another ring to be replaced on the outlet plate. You might wanna clean that too. Now I press the filter onto this free opening of the outlet. Put some oil on the gaskets, makes it easier putting everything together. Now I press the filter housing over the outlet plate until the snap ring fits on there. I clean the front inlet plate before I push it into the housing and put the snap ring back on. Alright both filters are changed. Now I start the engine and switch to LPG mode. Since there is no pressure on the gas lines first, the engine is stuttering a little until pressure is built back up. See and hear if you can determine any gas leak around the new filters. In this case everything is fine and the repair is completed. Thank you for watching and I hope this video helps you. I would be very pleased about a thumb up or a comment from you, and on my channel you will find more videos on my Dodge Ram. Until then, Geramicc85 signing out.

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