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geramicc85 here what sup, today I am going to clean and re-oil the K&N air intake filter and I will show you in detail how I do it. For this procedure its best to get the K&N recharge kit which includes a cleaner and the red oil. And since you are watching this video now, which i appreciate, you can throw out the instructions right away. The kit usually costs about 15 bucks and you can recharge your filter several times with it. So let's open up the hood of this 96 dodge ram. the cleaning procedure of most K&N filters is the same so if yours looks a little different you can still keep watching. I drove about 30000 miles since I installed this performance intake and I never cleaned it so far. K&N recommends a cleaning interval of about 50000 miles but as you can see this looks pretty dirty that's why I am not going to wait another 20000 miles. I start by taking the filter unit off of the intake pipe by loosening up this clamp screw. You can use a screwdriver for that but I prefer to use a socket instead. In this case it's a 8 mm. When the clamp is loose I can pull the filter off. I am taking the filter to the sink in my garage to clean it. I have seen people cleaning it outside but I am not going to do so since the old filter oil as well as the cleaner can be harmful to the environment and we want to do this responsibly right. So I am taking that K&N power cleaner and spray it onto the filter grid and working all the way around. I'm making sure I didn't miss any spots. Then I leave the unit sitting to let the cleaner soak in and do its job. After 10 minutes I can start to rinse of the filter from the inside, because the dirt sits on the outside and you don't want to work that dirt into the filter grid and fabric. I expected the water to be more dirty but I guess most of the dirt is bugs and stuff so that's ok. Now I am using a soft 2 inch brush to gently get off the rest of the bugs on the outside and in between the lamellae. You don't want to work the dirt towards the edges where it can get stuck so brush it towards the middle and then rinse it off. The filter fabric is getting a little brighter cleaning it but it's not going to be all white. Since I have the filter unit out of the car anyway I am going to polish off the rust on this chrome cap real quick to make it look nice again. The next step would be to apply the oil onto the filter but therefore it needs to be dry. Now you can let it dry outside in the sun but since I can't decide how sunny it is today and I don't want to wait all day I am just going to use this hair dryer to get it nice and dry in no time. Just make sure not to overheat the filter fabric by going too close or too hot. The dryer the filter is the better the new oil is going to stick to it. Now it's time to re oil the filter. I put a piece of pressed paperboard under it and now I can apply the oil onto the filter. I try to do that evenly and make sure there are no lighter spots left. But at the same time you don't want to put too much on there by soaking it, because then the oil keeps too much air from going though the filter fabric and its clocked up. The amount of oil in the can is for more than just one recharge so don't use it all. I let the filter sit for 10 to 15 minutes to let the oil soak in before I reinstall it under the hood. Over all this maintenance procedure is not that hard to do yourself. I hope this video helps with that. Please feel free to check out more videos on my channel. And if you really dont want to subscribe then dont, but if you want you can. haha whatever guys thanks for whatching and have a good day, geramicc 85 signing out.

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    Tom Hargrave
    Tom Hargrave

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I installed a K&N in a Mercedes 300E I used to own. Back then I used to extend my oil changes with oil analysis and about a month after I installed the filter the latest oil analysis came back with a huge spike for silica. I called the oil analysis company and they told me that I had a leak in my air intake that was letting unfiltered air in. I checked the intake and nothing was loose, so I pulled the K&N air filter and dropped in a paper filter and changed the oil. Silica was back to normal in the next oil analysis and the ones after that one.

    And yes, the filter was properly oiled with K&N air filter oil. And yes, dirt was accumulating on the gauze. But from what I could tell the filter was letting all of the fine dust pass right through! Based on my experience I will never run a K&N air filter again.