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Hi I'm Carl the landscape guy, today with a small tipp for cutting grass around trees. Maybe you know how it is if you have to mow around trees on your lawn. If so, it's best to create a grass free circle around the trunk which helps to keep the mower to a safe distance from it. Because with mowers, brush cutters or edge trimmers, the bark of trees is easily damaged, which can quickly lead to diseases and eventually to the death of the tree. In this garden there are a lot of trees and shrubs that's why maintenance of weed-free circles is not permanently desired. The grass around the trees is mowed using a string trimmer. Therefore I use a PVC bark protection in this case. This is simply made of pipes. I have some left over from last construction site and like to use one with a rather inconspicuous color. It is important that the tube is strong enough to withstand a rapidly rotating cutting string. I cut some 20 cm long pieces of pipe and cut them open alongside, so that the piece can be bent open. That works with a little grinder or a jigsaw. I want this young pine here to continue to grow vital and healthy so I'm going to attach the bark protection now. For this I put the tube around the trunk at the bottom and press it slightly into the soil. Now the lawn can be mowed quickly and easily with the brush cutter up to the piece of pipe. The pipe should not be hit on purpose but if you touch it a little with the string the bark will not be damaged. Also this Japanese maple, which grows on a small embankment is to be protected, because the area is being mowed frequently. Often the grass has grown so high that the little trunk can't be located precisely which increases the risk of hitting it. I place a piece of pipe around the trunk, from now on the mowing can be carried out more quickly and safely. This type of protection is ideal for young forest plantations, where tall grass or bushes around the tree is seldom to be cut with the brush cutter. The pipe is flexible and does not disrupt the tree in its growth. It adapts well to the circumference of the trunk. Bark injury, expecially near the moisty soil offer a sensitive target for fungi and pests. I hope this little idea to protect the trees has helped you, if so I would appreciate a thumb up. On my channel you will find videos about building ponds brooks and waterfalls and other gardening and landscaping topics. Feel free to visit and subscribe.

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