Hey guys!
This is my first instructable sooo i hope you like it.
Its my sisters birthday today and as it is for every birthday, i make a card.
After about 8 years of continuosly making cards, its safe to say i know a thing or two.

Step 1: Materials:

This is just a simple card so there are no fancy materials, just these 5:-Paper: you can also have card or it can be coloured or even textured.-Colours: Colouring pencils, markers, paint... what ever you want as long as its colourful!-A ruler:in case you didnt know, a ruler is for drawing straight lines ;)-A pencil: or a marker if you are confident you wont make a mistake.-Some good music!:Some nice upbeat music is always good for creating great ideas!

Step 2: Brainstorming:

Get your thinking cap on!
Try and find out stuff about the person who is recieving your card.
Examples: their favourite colour, interests, hobbies, favourite subject......

Step 3: Rough Sketches:

Now that you have thought out what the person likes, all you have to do is rougly draw them out.Try drawing previews of your card like in the first picture of this step.These are rough sketches so dont be too detailed.

Step 4: Fonts:

Now all you need is a font for the writing on the front of the card.
i use a site called 'dafont'.
Pick a font and the text you want.
You can either print out the text or you could copy it off of your screen.

Step 5: Drafting:

Draft out your lettering and pictures very lightly.
You cant even see the writing on my picture! this is an example of how lightly you must draw!

Step 6: Getting Down to Bussiness:

Now trace over your drafts harder or with a marker.
Make corrections that need to be made and your card will be brilliant!

Step 7: Colour:

Before you colour, gently rub out your draft using an eraser...
Make sure you add lots of colour to your card for it to stand out amongst other cards!
i would recommend colouring pencils as markers give an uneven colour and paint can get messy.

Step 8: Add Some Text: