Learn how to make a druon


You will need a pencil,pencil sharpener, eraser and paper.

Step 1: The Head

Make the head and claws connected, but first with two lines then make a oval touching the tops of each side of the lines,then you'll make the claws and decided we're you like them (they need to be on the neck and close to the mouth).Now when your making the claws line up at the highest points for a symmetrical look then make the rest of the neck

Step 2: Inside of the Front Big Claws

Next,you will make the inside of the front big claws. So make cuved lines ,but don't make it look like a half circle .Also make the claws line up at the ends

Step 3: Finishing the Front Big Claws and Starting the Waist

Third you'll need to draw the outside of the big front claws then start drawing the torso.When you get your claws to the right thickness you'll want to do a dip in the waist so your druon doesn't look fat but not to much that it's not to skinny.

Step 4: Finishing the Waist and Doing the Outside of the Claws

When you feel you got a torso you like start going up ( if you haven't)to were the front big claws and line the sides and then immediately start going down gradually till you hit the point of you claw then go in a little and then go do the other claw.(do not connect claws)

Step 5: Finishing the Back Claws Kind

Then finish the inside of the back claws. then make a sharp curved turn and make a kiwi shape connected to the rest body

Step 6: Soothing the Rough Areas

Now you should have a fully drawn druon so now look at your druon and fix's any Sharp corners expect for your claws and in fact if your claws are dull looking make them more pointy

Step 7: Making Teeth

When your done with any corrections your going to need to sharpen your pencil and make little tiny teeth in the mouth around the the inside of the oval.

Step 8: Adding Detail to the Claws

Now,you'll be putting slightly curved lines to the base of the big claws to add detail and show were the claws end.

Step 9: Detail to the Small Claws

Put a slightly curved line in the middle of small claws

Step 10: Detail for Back End to Make It Look Armored and More Circular

First you'll need to make curved line ,give a good amount of space for each set of line you should get 2 or more depending on how big yours is. Make the lines bend away from the middle to make a spherical look

Step 11: Bonus Details

this is more for a damage look if you wanted so first you'll need to make the claw at about half way making it put jagged triangles to look like it snaped off then do the rest of the claw and you can go back and put lines the go back in forth at a 35 angle for cracks.