im a person who adores art and love to teach other how to im not the best but i love to help get people started!

in the end your fae should look like a face i guess.

To do this you will need:

Step 1: What You Will Need

for this activity i advise that you use a 2B, HB or 4B pencil for this task.

you'll also need an idea to theme your drawing, a sketch book, and an eraser.

so lets get started

Step 2: Starting the Face

start with a basic circle and then put a line through the middle of the circle length ways and the another through the middle down ward.

Step 3: Time for Some Shape

all you need to do is draw the face shape till it resemble the outline of a face.

Step 4: Time for Some Lips

firstly your going to want to draw some circles image 1

then add a rectangle shape around the circles image 2

now time to add the basic shape of the lips following around the circles image 3

Step 5: Time for the Nose and Hair

for the nose start with a basic circle and then draw up and hook it over to form brow bones then add two little curves to the sides of the nose image1 and 2

now for the hair start with a basic outline of the hair shape you would like image 3

it now time to add some detail image4

Step 6: Eyes the Opening to the Soul

ill give you the image for the tutorial i like to follow

start with two basic circles the add the upper lid and then join underneath it the lower lid. then add in the crease and some eyelashes one you've done that it time to add the pupil and the iris all this is is mainly shading and depth.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

all it needs now is some finishing touches like eyebrows and fixing in some details.

some tips are light to dark and thick to thin and the you be all done remember practice makes perfect

add some colour if you want to