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Hi everyone this is geRAMicc85. Please watch video to follow the instructions.

This is my 96 Dodge Ram 1500 and today I will be installing a new remote keyless entry system. And I will be installing this contactless entry system. It's from the brand Keetec, it's made in Europe and it's the model CZ100. It comes in a small package with all the instructions. There is the wiring harness. You wire it to the actual cables underneath the dashboard and then I am going to plug it into this unit that comes with it. It's going to plug in right there. It also comes with this thing, it's supposed to be the antenna or something. Then there is this service button and there are two of these remote controls. It's supposed to work the way that you have this in your pocket and as you come closer to the car it opens all the doors without you having to press on the button here. So I will install it and see how that's going to work. So the first thing that i am going to do is using the instructions to connect all the wires. And i am going to do that beneath the steering wheel. So that means before I can start wiring it I have to take off the panel. Working on here will be a little easier if you move up the steering wheel a little bit like that. Then there are five screws that I have to take out. One sits right here that I already took out. The other one on the other side up here. I will put it in the door pocket for now. Then there are three on the bottom. One is in the middle on the bottom and one on the right. And watch out it comes right off. This is how you take it out. You pull it towards yourself and then you can just take it out. I do have a special switch here so you don't have to worry about that because you probably don't have that. I'm going to take that off. And then i am moving this panel out of the way. Now before i start working on the wires I am opening up the hood to take off the negative cable off the battery. So what i am going to do now is I am going to take this wiring harness and I will connect it to my truck. So what you see here is the steering column and this plastic clip right here holds all the wires. You can open that up with these two clips here and then you can look for the right wires to connect your keyless entry system to. First we are going to start off with the blinker cables. There are two orange cables here and one of them needs to connect to the left and one to the right blinker of the truck. I looked up all the wire codes, we have the light green and yellow wire that is the left blinker. So I take one of the orange wires off the keyless entry harness and connect it to the light-green/yellow cable. I am doing that by taking off some of the insulation here. And then solder this wire onto there. After that I will put some self-adhesive insulation tape on there which is basically the same as shrink tubes. This is actually a nice tool to take off the insulation. It works just like that and it is off. I am twisting it a little, putting some solder on there. You see that I accidently cut out a part of the blinker wire. That's why I used the orange wire to connect the green wire again. I messed up a little bit but this will do it. The tape is very adhesive to itself so once it touches itself you won't get it off, so you would have to cut it off again. And if you pull it a little bit it is really nice and tight. And then we have the right blinker which is color code tan/black. So I will connect the other orange cable to that one. I don't know if you can see that but down here I already took off some of the insulation from the wire. I didn't cut it through this time so I am just going to solder it on to there. I am not going to show you actually how I put every single wire on. I am just going to show you where I will connect them to. So when you put in a keyless entry system or an alarm system that you have an idea on how you might want to do it and where you going to connect it. The next cable that I connected is this red one. No matter if the car is running or not, this cable needs to have power so I found that back here left to the clutch pedal you find a few plug connectors here. And the one on the left on the top is this blue one. And this connector plugs in here. You can take it out by pressing on here and then slide it out. There is one red wire in there which is right here. So I used that one and connected it to it right here. Now for the negative cable of the keyless entry system which is a black cable. I am going to connect it to the car frame right here. Since this cable is already on there I am just going to use that. I will solder it on there and that's it. We have the negative connection right here to the frame. That will work. Even though it is negative, I will put some of that insulation tape around it. Next wire that I am going to connect is the ignition power. There is the yellow wire coming off the wiring harness for the keyless entry system. The yellow cable is for ignition power and I am going to connect that to this thick blue wire that you find underneath the steering column. What you see here is a picture that I made that shows you all the wire codes from the keyless entry system. And also these wire codes are from the 2nd generation dodge ram. I made this so that it is easier for you to actually connect all the wires. This is the blue plug connector that i showed you before in the video. There is the red wire that we already connected. This connector also holds two wires that are used for the door lock system. Those are the pink/violet and orange/violet wires. What I did was I cut them right after the connector and then i connected the green/orange one to the pink/violet wire on the connector. And then on the other side from the cut i connected the green/white one from the Keetec system to the pink/violet on the other side. That means we cut those two wires and we have four points where we have to connect these four cables from the keetec system. I hope this helps you out. I will show you this diagram in this video in the end at full screen so that you can pause and look at it if you need to. This is the way i put this system in and it works fine. I have already tried it at this time so if you want to do it the same way it should be working fine. So I am outside now and its already dark but I think you can see everything you need. Here is the remote of the contactless remote keyless entry system. So now as i walk closer to the car with the remote. The car is opening up right now. And then when I go away car is closing and blinking once. So it is working really well. This is how it looks like now. I have all the wires connected and it works very well. I will put this unit beneath the steering column like right here or something. I will use some zip ties and hold the wires all together nicely. After that i am going to put the panel back on. I hope this video helped you out. If you feel free to comment or subscribe to my channel if you like to. I thank you very much for watching. This is geramic85 signing out.

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