-You will need to  a four piece of wood  each .25  inch tick

-A laser cutter  if you don't have one go to Tech-Shop they have hell locations.

-An Ipad2  to measure

-4 nuts
-4 bolts

-spare washer



Step 1: Measure

Like all good projects you must measure to suceed

you can measure with ruler a digital caliber or measuring tape

Things to pay attention to: 
Thickness of  Ipad
All the access buttons.
volume control
size of screen or edges of ipad

Step 2: Draw Out Your Ipad Laser Layout

once you have measure everything now you will want to go to illustrator  and  draw out what you are going to Laser cut.

 your Ipad case if made out of 1/8thick wood will need to have four components cut out.

1. the back  all it needs to be is a rectangle.
2. two middle sections this will allow the Ipad to nest inside of these pieces. Don't Forget the cut out for the charger
3. the top protector panel  this will allow the ipad to

Remember all the panels will need registration a marks on the corner that will also be the place where the screws go in to hold all four panels.

Step 3: Now Its Time to Cut.

Go to Tech shop take the laser class they will teach you how to cut you 1/8th inch  wood on the laser. They should have hurricane laser cuz they cut really well.

Step 4: Asemble Time

Well now that you have all you piece time to Assemble.

You might want to use a drill so that you don't waste your time turning a nut.

Note if you use longer screws you can attach you cool ipad shell to the wall and  use it as a display screen  in a gallery or a store. If you vary the size of the nuts and washer you can tilt you custom display. as shown in the second picture.

Step 5: Final View.

Ta da Final product looking good

Now you can adjust your setting so you can limit access to the things people need

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