How to make a Holiday Bedspread or Throw
This spread (throw) is made from dish towels (12"X20"). It takes about 32 towels for a full size spread.  The Stitch is a "blanket stitch".
Dish towels
Yarn Darner Needle (large eyed needle)
Straight Pins

I did not try to match the plaid I wanted  an old fashion country look.   This is a great sit and watch TV project just repetitive work.



Step 1: Making a Blanket Stitch

To begin this type of towel might shrink-up when washed, so wash and dry towels first, if they  shrink-up iron each towel to reshape.

Thread needle with about  3 yards (more or less ) of yarn anymore might be to much to handle.  Knot one end of yarn.  Pull yarn through  to make blanket stitch.  (see pictures)

Pin and sew two towels together long sides  using the blanket stitch, continue adding   another towel  until you have one row of towels the length of the bed. There are eight in towels in each of theses rows.  I made  four sets of eight . (32 towels)

Watch your stitches when  adding the next towel so your stitches all go in the same direction.


Step 2: Finishing Stitches

 Sew each row together of eight to the next set of eight.  Pin one set of eight to the next row of eight.  Watch stitches  so that they all go the same directions.

When coming to the end of the yarn, slide needle through about the last  inch to inch and one half of previous stitches so that are no bulky knots. (see pictures) clip yarn close so that there are no tails.



Step 3: Finish

When four towels meet  I made simple X stitches to attach all four corners.Sewing all rows together .
Option: You can finish off  your spread by going around the all the outer edges  with a  blanket stitch.

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