18 Easy, Simple steps to make a paper airplane. 

Step 1:

Choose the top right corner and fold the paper into a diagonal, making the paper into a triangle with some room at the bottom

Step 2:

Make the diagonal crease, then unfold it.

Step 3:

Choose the top left corner and fold it then unfold it. (Repeat like step 1 just using the top left corner)

Step 4:

Flip the paper over. The should be a visible big crease X on the paper.

Step 5:

Now fold the paper over so that the top lines up precisely with the bottom of the big crease X.

Step 6:

Flip the paper over

Step 7:

Now press the middle of the crease X until the side of the paper “jump” up.

Step 8:

Pull the top of the paper forward. the side should be folding inwards.
*It should end up like a house.

Step 9:

Bring the bottom right corner of the triangle over to the bottom left corner and crease it.

Step 10:

Now fold in the new bottom right corner so that there is a crease running from the top of the triangle to the lower right triangle.

Step 11:

Flip over. Lift only the top flap of the paper and fold it over to the left side so it lines up with the bottom edges of the paper.

Step 12:

Now fold in the left corner of the triangle, just like in step 10. make sure it lies right on top of the first one you made.
*Once finish flip it so that the smaller triangle is visible on top.

Step 13:

Fold the top of the triangle down leaving 1 inch from the bottom.

Step 14:

Now fold that piece up so that the point is touching the top. Flip over once finish.

Step 15:

Fold the plane over in half making sure  the edges line up perfectly.

Step 16:

Fold the wing at an angle where the nose (front) of the plane is about 2 times smaller than the butt (back) of the plane.

Step 17:

Flip it over.  And fold the second wing in so the edges line up exactly with the first wing. (Matching the wings)

Step 18:

Unfold and Fly.