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We all need friends. They are an extremely important part of our lives. This instructable will assist you in making friends at school, in your neighborhood, etc... I was once the lonely kid... Especially in primary school. I was the girl nobody talked to. But as soon as I moved into year 8, I built up my confidence and surrounded myself in other people. Now I am a socialite, I am the most popular in my large friendship group and have many best friends competing for my attention.

Step 1: SMILE

By this I don't mean a massive grin or that you must smile every second of every day. I mean that if you just give a small smile people will know that you are friendly. They will be caught up in your positive aura and naturally want you as a friend.


Never try to be someone else. Never try to be that girl in your grade with the long blonde hair that everyone obsesses over. BE YOU-TIFUL!! People love you for who you are. DON'T WEAR MAKEUP- makeup will turn you into someone else. Why change your look when you were born beautiful? DON'T WEAR CLOTHES THAT AREN'T YOU- be comfortable with your choices. MOST IMPORTANTLY.... DONT CHANGE FOR SOMEONE ELSE- if someone you are trying to get to know wants you to change, don't listen. If they want you to change in a way that would make you someone else, they are not a true friend.

Step 3: LISTEN

Basically, (there are other benefits to having friends) the purpose of having friends is so that they would listen to their problems. Your friends would expect the same from you. Always listen to people if you want to make friends... If they need a shoulder to cry on, listen. If they need help, listen. This is what a true friend does and by listening you let people know that you will always be there for them. Btw by listen I don't mean if someone tells you to jump off a cliff to do it.


This could mean inviting them over to your house, or going to the others birthday party. It could be going shopping, seeing a movie or even just sitting together in class. This is important. Friendships can always be strengthened and you need to put effort into them. Talk to them often. Laugh together. Grow together. Learn together. Because friends will always be by your side. <3 Thanks for reading. I hope you find more friends through this method. It worked for me! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ LEAVE COMMENTS!

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