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To start this new adventure I decided to publish a post what in Italy has success :-)
Paper Roses Newspaper!

Just get newspaper... imagination... craftsmanship and .... the tutorial!

Step 1: Watch My Video and Look Materials Needed

Materials Needed

1- Old newspaper

2- Pencil

3- Plate

4- Scissors

5- Stapler

Step 2: Cut Paper Circles

Cut a circle out... Help you with a plate.

Step 3: ​Cut the Spiral Shape

Cut a spiral starting from the outside until in the center of circle... Tip: leave a circle in the center.

Step 4: Roll the Spiral Shape

Start rolling the cut spiral from the outside until you reach the center of circle.

Step 5: Finish Paper Rose

Close the stapler with the rolled paper.

Now ... The game is Done ;-)

Good fun!