Introduction: HOW TO MAKE a MODED GLUE GUN / Tutorial / DIY


Step 1: To Do a MODED GLUE GUN You Need!!!

I came up with an idea to customize or in other words to improve my glue gun.

Step 2: A Times It Happens That You Need to Apply Just a Few Drops of Hot Melt Glue Onto Small Details and As a Result Quite Frequently We Apply Too Much Glue!

Step 3: Besides Your DIY Project Doesn’t Look That Presentable) Guys, to Put It Simply, Just Evaluate the Video If You Interested in It!

If you don’t want to wait for your glue in the nozzle to take too much time to get heated, just shorten the nozzle and it will take way less time to heat the silicone.

Step 4: MODED GLUE GUN Is Ready!