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Hi everyone this is Geramicc85. My Ram pickup is now equipped with an onboard air source kit including a compressor in the engine compartment and an under floor air-pressure tank. You will find the links to the videos at the end of this video. Now I want to install a quick connector air terminal in the truck bed to be able to use it comfortably. Therefore I ordered a few parts. This quick coupling will be installed in the bed. It consists of a brass coupling and a 90 degree angle with 3 holes to screw it on. All threads are 3/8 ". To connect this coupling to the air tank on the passenger side, I use this polyamide hose. It is 8mm in outer diameter and is made for operating pressures up to 275 psi. The maximum pressure put out by the compressor is 200 psi so its fine. The line will be connecting the tank and the coupling with these screw-in quick connectors. First i need to find a good spot where to mount the terminal. I want to prevent dirt from entering the coupling, therefore I choose rather a place within the cargo area. that way the terminal will be easily accessible even with open tailgate. Here I have a wooden box on which I will mount the coupling. that way I don't drill through metal and avoid rust problems. with three wood screws I mount the brass angle, while I make sure that it does not stick out too far into the cargo area, so it won't be in the way. I make sure that the coupling sits nice and tight since connecting hoses will apply some force to it. I use Teflon tape to seal the components well and screw down the coupling and connector. I also put a connector on the tank with some Teflon tape. Now I start from the truck bed to run the air line. I push the line through an existing hole in the corner of the truck bed and then down behind the taillight. Under the bed I run the line through one of the cross metal supports to the other side. Then I run the line up to the air tank. watch if you try to pull the line trough further that you don't kink it or scrape it on a sharp edge. I insert the hose and secure it with zip ties to the frame or to existing lines. This is important so that the tubing is not loosely hanging around or wears off due to vibrations somewhere. The line must be secured all the way to the back, then I cut it to the right length. The hose should not be squeezed when cutting, because it should fit nicely in the round quick connector. Since no professional hose cutter is present i just use these sharp pruning shears. Then, the end can be easily plugged. Reinstalling the taillight and im finished. I let the compressor run to build up the pressure in the tank. Normally there should be no air leaks, i could not notice any hissing sounds. But I will see if the pressure stays the same in the tank for a while then its fine. Now the new terminal can be tested. For that I connect this spiral air hose and can now check the tire pressure, inflate my air springs blow off dirt from the truck bed or inflate the tires of the lawn mower. I am happy with my new handy connection and hope this video was helpful to you. Please check out the install videos on the air tank and the viair air compressor if you like. And i appreciate every thumb up, every subscriber and every comment. Thank you for watching and have a good day, geramicc85 signing out.

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