How to Replace a Nook Simple Touch Battery With Any Phone or Generic Battery. (Guide)

Introduction: How to Replace a Nook Simple Touch Battery With Any Phone or Generic Battery. (Guide)

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Step 1: Introduction: Nook Battery Problems.

The nook simple touch is a great e reader. It uses android and is root-able. Once rooted it can serve as a kindle as well. For this reason a lot of people are buying the nook simple touch.

Barnes and nobles advertises the nook as running 2 week on a single charge. Although its true when you buy it brand new, I have found out through personal experience that nook battery life degrades over time. So after a year or two of use the battery runs two or three days at best. After that period it comes to a state where it needs daily charging.

My battery burned up after two and a half years of constant use.

Signs of a dead nook battery are that the screen remains stuck forever at a single image and taking out the battery and re-plugging it doesn't make any difference. Also the orange charging light remains lit forever.

Fortunately changing the battery of nook is very easy as the internal components are not complex.

Nook battery replacement are widely available online. But buying these batteries might not be feasible for everyone.

This guide will show you how to use any non-nook, generic battery with a NST to run it again

Step 2: Opening the NST, the Battery, Confirmation of Death

  1. First you should confirm whether your battery is dead or not. Sometimes nook freezes up and wont do charging. For this you need to detach and reattach the battery. Google it online
  2. You should really try troubleshooting and going through every option before declaring your battery dead.
  3. I wont explain how to open the nook. There are a lot of guides available online. This video has a short guide.
  4. Once open don't jerk the back cover as its attached to battery on back cover.
  5. You can try unplugging the battery for 30 minutes and re-plugging it back sometimes that starts up the nook.
  6. Take the battery out from the back cover. There is blue tape on it.
  7. Very carefully unwrap the blue tape don't exert too much force as it can damage the delicate circuit that we need.
  8. Under the blue tape there will be a yellow colored tape. Unwrap that too to look at the chip of the nook battery.
  9. This chip is not available online so if you break it you cant replace it. Unless you invest in a new battery from Amazon.

  10. At this point you can use a voltmeter or an LED to measure the potential across the two poles of the battery. If it doesnt light up or show charge it means your battery is fully and finally dead.

Step 3: The Charging Chip, Preparing the Chip

  1. You'll see the battery with two metallic terminals on the chip attached to each other. Observe the chip carefully for negative and positive poles.
  2. Cut the attachments of the old battery in the places I have shown in the image.
  3. Dont cut the temperature sensor.
  4. Now basically you have to solder your new battery to these terminals.

  5. Warning: if you attach the negative pole of the battery with the positive pole of the chip the chip will be irreversibly damaged. So take care while soldering not to reverse the polarity and connect the correct parts

Step 4: Getting a New Battery

  1. If you can afford it buy the battery from amazon or any other online store this will have the advantage that it will fit right inside your nook and it wont create any fitting problems.
  2. In the case you cant get a proper battery you're at the right place.
  3. The nook uses a 3.7 volts battery at 1530 mah and 4.4wh rating.
  4. You can use any battery that is rated 3.7 volts. Higher than 3.7 volts will burn nook, less than that nook wont turn on.
  5. Go to any phone repair / accessory shop and buy a 3.7 volt phone battery. I have attached the picture of the samsung battery I used.
  6. The higher mah rating you buy the longer the battery will last. The mah rating and watt hours don't really matter as they only indicate the battery capacity. You have to be really careful about the voltage. Dont go higher or lower than 3.7
  7. Prices range from 2 to 5 dollars for a used battery.

Step 5: Connecting the Chip to the New Battery

  1. Now your new battery is here, take it out and confirm its polarity.
  2. Use a voltmeter or a small led to confirm the negative and positive poles. The long leg of led will show the positive side of the battery.This step is really important because if you connect the battery the wrong way to the chip, it will damage the chip and the project will be useless.
  3. Once you are sure of the polarity of battery use a small wire to solder on battery poles.Then solder the wires to the chip at the points.
  4. Cover the solder points with hot glue to protect their integrity.
  5. Now connect the white connector to nook mainboard. Chances are your nook will power on immediately.
  6. Otherwise you might need to charge for some time before you can power the beast up.
  7. A problem can be that your battery is big and wont fit inside the nook anymore. In that case you can make a small hole in the back cover and attach the battery with tape to the back side.

I hope this helps you as it helped me. I thought my nook was lost for good but a 3 dollar battery brought it back from the grave. Keep at reading folks!!

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    4 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the guide.

    I would like to hard wire the nook simple touch to a power supply as my battery has died. I tried connecting a power supply outputting 3.7v to the terminals you describe instead of a battery but it did not work. When I tried to connect the original battery it would no longer power on (before it used to be able to for a few mins) so I think I have damaged the battery circuit. I made sure I had the polarity correct before connecting. Do you have any idea why this happened?

    I will need to find another way of hardwiring the nook without the battery.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Nook won't power on if the battery circuit is damaged. At this point your best shot is to order another nook battery online.


    5 years ago

    "Dont go higher or lower than 3.7" - why not...?

    The voltage of a Li-poly cell varies from about 2.7 V (discharged) to about 4.23 V (fully charged). Hm...

    Please take multimeter (or voltmeter) and check fully charged battery, I'm just curious about result.

    BTW - thank You very, very much for this guide!


    5 years ago

    Hello. Thank You AwabHassan for this instructable. I have one question - could You write measurments of oryginal battery? I am particularly interested in the thickness of the battery.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Maksimum size: 91.50 x 56.00 x 4.13mm

    Teoretycznie pasuje ta:


    6 years ago

    на соплях и щепках)


    Reply 6 years ago

    I dont understand what you mean. Google translate also doesn't show anything.