Samsong Galaxy Note 2 is very multi-tasking and powerful device because you can do anything with easy and simple way. but sometimes Note 2 get some problems such as freezing or stuck for some reason. the solution is normally to reset the device. And there are three ways to do this.

Step 1: OPTION 1#reset From the Software Menu

turn the device on

Step 2:

go to menu setting

Step 3:

from personal menu choose back up reset

Step 4:

choose factory data reset to reset your phone

Step 5:

choose reset device

Step 6:

choose delete all

Step 7:

when you choose delete all your device will wipe cleaned from all data and programs.

Step 8: OPTION 2# Reset From the Hardware Key Button :

turn off your phone

Step 9:

press and hold together volume and home key button and power button for a few seconds

Step 10:

you will see the hardware menu so use the volume button to go up and down in the menu and choose wipe data / factory reset

Step 11:

choose delete user data

Step 12:

that usually fixed the problem and returned your phone wiped cleaned new

Step 13: OPTION 3#the Easier Way to Reset Your Phone With the Secret Code

turn your phone on

Step 14:

dial *2767*3855*

Step 15: WARNING

be careful because all data will removed from the phone so back up your data before you reset your phone