Introduction: HP-35 Scientific Calculator Emulator With Arduino Uno

The goal of this project is to run the following simulator

on an Arduino Uno with TFTLCD and Touch Screen resembling the original HP-35 Scientific Calculator.

It emulates the original code stored in HP-35 ROM's.
You might find all history of the original device and its hacking story in Mr.Jacques Laporte's page.

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In the 1970s, calculators were the most advanced technological devices available to everyone. But scientific calculators were very rare and valuable. HP-35 was the first pocket calculator with the transcendental functions. You can find full history of the device in this page also:

You might try this emulator to experience a feeling of those days.

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. Arduino Uno or compatible.
  2. TFTLCD Shield with Touch Screen for Arduino Uno.

Step 2: Combine Arduino Uno With TFTLCD Shield

Before attaching the shield to Arduino Uno, check the pin out of the shield is matching the part given in the previous step.
If there is any difference, you need to arrange the pin definitions in the sketch according to your shield. Attach TFTLCD Shield to the Arduino Uno.

Step 3: Download Software and Libraries

Download software and copy to your Arduino working directory.
"C:\Users\"YourUserName"\Documents\Arduino\" Libraries are also included in this package. If necessary, copy libraries to your working library folder. "C:\Users\"YourUserName"\Documents\Arduino\libraries\"



Step 4: Compile and Upload the Emulator Software

Compile and upload the software to the Arduino and run.
Have fun.