Introduction: H.R. Giger's Alien in Sculpy

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My version of the Alien from the Ridley Scott film of the same name. Again, I forgot to get my camera ready for cataloguing until I was quite far into this sculpt. I used black clay this time, eliminating the need for a black shadow coat after baking, except for the inner mouth which I did in white for great contrast. The Head was baked first and the body was wire framed to keep it from falling apart. one arm has yet to be attached.

Step 1:

Close up so you can see a bit more of the detail here. Really like the black sculpy, it is hard to get into some spots when painting and this creates a natural shadow when you finally paint.

Step 2:

Front view, as you can see many things have yet to be completed. The Tail and legs need a lot more detail.

Step 3:

Attached arm and added detail. Really enjoyed doing this piece, I am a big fan of the movies.

Step 4:

I sprawled the arms out a bit, trying to keep the thing balanced at the same time. Found that, by adding a small clay bit under the rear of the left leg I could get a better position.

Step 5:

This is a good shot. Hard to get good lighting. I will complain about this more later when I begin the paint job...

Step 6:

As you can see I have been adding details mostly to the legs and arms. When doing a piece as detailed as a Giger piece, I have found it best to add detail slowly as you progress. Trying to do everything at once is overwhelming.

Step 7:

Here is a shot from behind. There are a of of different pieces attached here, if you have very large digits (not that I do) it is hard to manipulate things without the proper tools. I use metal and plastic sculpting tools. I like the feel of metal in my hand. Some people swear by wooden tools. I am looking into acquiring some.

Step 8:

This is after baking. Shot from above. I was happy to get the alien hardened, for fear I might accidentally make a mistake and ruin it. Turned out great. Be sure not to have any small children in the room when you are baking as it does let off an odor. It is best to bake when windows are open as well.

Step 9:

Side view...

Step 10:

other side...

Step 11:

upclose... ready for paint.

Step 12:

This is a first coat. As I said before, lighting is really hard. You will find that a lot of the photos here look almost like it is camo. It didn't look like that when I painted it, the flash made the colors much less subtle.

Step 13:

Other side...

Step 14:

See, this green looked much better as well darker and more slimy looking. 

Step 15:

Close up! look at those shiny teeth!

Step 16:

From behind again...

Step 17:

Penny to show size ratio...

Step 18:

Now for the gloss... makes it look all slick...

Step 19:

Close up... I varnished the heck out of this one to make it look more slimy...

Step 20:

and that is the Alien... It's game over man!!!