HSP Moodlight

Introduction: HSP Moodlight

Don't you ever get fed up with telling people to carefully put down their plates in the kitchen because otherwise you get extremely triggered? Or are certain things getting on your nerves easily? Well with this little moodlight you can lose some of that negative energy!


Step 1: ​How Does It Work?

You press the button on the back of the box so the force sensitive resistor can measure the pressure you act on it. It won't lit if you don't press hard enough, this way it only reacts if you really need to release some of that energy. Once the light turns on you can sit back and relax.

Step 2: The Magic Behind It All

Here you can see how the wires and everything is connected inside the box. Three different coloured led lights, a force sensitive resistor, and a button, all connected to the Arduino Yun. In the code you can see how I made the light change colour from time to time, and how the FSR reacts to a press on a button and then reacts to the pressure of your fingertip. I added some comments to be more specific.

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