Introduction: HUNIE-Robot Chassis for Outdoor Home Chores

Above is my first build of a robot. I'm pretty handy with electronics, have done some computer programming three decades ago and been looking for a new hobby since RC Airplanes no longer fits into my lifestyle (too far to the field).

I'm building Home UAV New Inacivity Excuse as in HUNIE, can you <replace a chore>. Here are the instructions for building the chassis with future instructions for installation of electronics and programming, I hope. Remember, this is my first robot so I might fail miserably.

I'm inspired by Drone Bot Workshop's excellent videos, and website and have decided to build the chassis for a robot for outside chores around my house. I've changed his chassis a bit though, mine uses 24" bars for the side instead of 12" to give me more room for the chores I have in mind. I also borrowed some elements of ServoCity's Nomad kit with the large wheels and motor mounts that widen my wheel base. Here is a list of my parts.

Step 1: Unpack

Servo City packed my bot parts well and shipped by 2 day Fedex.

Step 2: Build the Base

I first laid out the pieces, 13 1/2" bars for the front and back, 24" bars for the sides. I knew the sides were 9" apart for the tower so used the 9" bar to get correct spacing.

The Actobotics aluminum building system goes together quickly. First install the Side Tapped Pattern Mounts on the sides and then connect to the front and back bars.

Step 3: Connect Motors

First install the motor mount to the Side Tapped Pattern Mounts and then on the underside of the side bars. The mounts need to be about 7 1/2" from the front and back of the frame. Connect the motors to the mounts and 12mm Hex Shaft Wheel Adapters to the motors.

The wheel assembly is quite easy, insert to foam into the tire first followed by the wheels into the tires. Take a little time to insure outside tire has the tire logo, it will look a little better.

Step 4: Building the Tower

The tower will hold the LIDAR and possibly computer equipment. I've chosen to mount the tower towards the back but this could be changed if needed.

Connect side mounts on each end of the 15" bars. Attach 9" from the back to allow the back plate. Connect side mounts on each end of the 9" bar and mount about 4 1/2" from the top but don't tighten just yet. Then connect the 12" bar on the top. Then tighten down all screws.

Step 5: Attach Front and Back Plates

Using M3 screws and bolts, attach these plates. The back plate will hold the battery and possibly electronics. The front plate will be used for attachments to tackle those outside chores HUNIE will be accomplishing, I hope.

Step 6: Next Steps

I will be working on electronics next and hope to have more Instructables soon.

A big shout out to Drone Bot Workshop, ServoCity and RobotShop. Their excellent videos have given me the courage to give this project a try.

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