Introduction: Humanoid

About: i m an undergraduate student, trying to share my ideas with everyone possible and eager to learn new tech stuff

A robot that imitates human walking controlled by gestures of any android having accelerometer inbuilt.

Step 1: Collecting Items

you have to arrange

1) Arduino (any,i used uno r3) X1

2) Servo Motor X2

3) 9V battery X1

4) arduino shield for servo (optional)

5) bluetooth module (HC06) X1

6) support hinges (i used mechanix parts)

7) waste plastic to make legs

8) glue

Step 2: Making Hardware

i used extra plastic to make legs and bottom of foot should be wide enough to support the bot standing,

paste bluetooth module to battery and then battery to back of arduino

attach motors to arduino with help of any rigid piece screwed to arduino on bottom to holes in arduino (which are actually for hex nuts)

i did use a shield to connect motors but they can be connected directly also (3 pins VCC,GND,data line)

Step 3: Coding

the android app i made is given in this step

and the algorithm on arduino is

app sends 'u' to make motors move to such an angle that it moves one step ahead

'r' to move right means only move left motor

'l' to move left means only right motor moves

so i used () to know which letter is coming, and took help from the library in arduino 'servo' to move motor