Introduction: HX1230 LCD Simple Arduino NANO Clock

HX1230 LCD display - new china product in e-stores. Sellers compare HX1230 LCD with NOKIA5110 LCD display, but Nokia libraries not working for them. There is no information how to drive it with Arduino boards.

I found library and some examples and I want to share it with others.

Step 1: Similar With NOKIA5110, But ...

LCD HX1230 very similar with Nokia5110, but smaller, one white led lighting. Other parameters on data sheet.

Step 2: Simple Clock Project


1.Arduino NANO

2.HX1230 LCD


Wiring HX1230 - NANO (UNO):

lcd_RST _ pin 8
lcd_CE _ pin 7

lcd_N/C _ Not Connected

lcd_DIN _ pin 5

lcd_CLK _ pin 4

lcd_VCC _ +3,3V (+5V)

lcd_BL_ +3,3V (+5V) (LED)

lcd_GND _ GND

Wiring DS1307- NANO (UNO):

SCL _ pin A5

SDA _ pin A4

VCC _ +5V



Download graphicsLCD library, and install on Arduino Library direction.

Clock example Time_DS1307_HX1230_LCD_Simple.ino,

other functions on second ino file.

I hope someone will be useful for my short instructable.

Step 4: The End