Hack - Make Your Digital Picture Frame Go Live

Introduction: Hack - Make Your Digital Picture Frame Go Live

To find out how to do this without an RSS and HTTP server, and more (links to compatible digital frames, software, etc) follow this link.

In this video I demonstrate how to build a 'live' wifi digital photo frame. By 'live' I mean that every few seconds it will be updated with a picture just taken from a web cam. 

Its a good way to put some use back into an old webcam. It can be used for security, a baby monitor, or to send live images to a picture frame across the world. This is what I will be using it for. I live in Southern Brazil and will be sending live images to my parents living room in North America.

The wireless digital picture frame that I am using is a D-Link DSM 210.

Also in this video:
1:34 How to make an USB extension cord
2:40 How to solder without a soldering iron

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