Introduction: Hack Your Paper Towel Holder

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Being a dad, more than once I had a situation when I wanted to tear off a sheet of paper towel, but It was challenging to do it with only one hand free.

In this Instructable, we look at a way to hack your paper towel holder, so it could be operated with a single hand.

What's needed:

  • Paper Towel Holder
  • Suction hooks
  • Pool noodle
  • Cable ties

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Step 1:

I grabbed a few suction hooks and removed the hooks

Step 2:

I drilled 3 holes at the bottom of the holder to glue the suction cups.

Step 3:

I cut off a piece of pool noodle and trimmed it a little bit.

Then I cut it in half and then cut a slot in each piece.

After that, I put both pieces around the holder's tube and tied them together with cable ties.

I made sure the pool noodle did not turn too easy or too hard.

The pool noodle will act as a break for the paper towel roll.

You can make it turn easier or harder by fastening or loosening the cable ties.

Step 4:

I did a final shaving to make sure the pool noodle fits inside of the roll.

Now slide on the paper roll and attach the holder to the table.

When a sheet of paper towel is needed, just pull it gently.

If you want to tear off a sheet, do it by a quick pulling motion.

It works similar to the seat belt. When pulled gently, the towel will unwrap.

If you pull it quickly, the sheet will tear off.