Introduction: Hack a Bench Power Supply and Multi-Charger From an Old PC Power Supply

for one thing i wanted a BENCH POWER SUPPLY but didn't want to pay $40 dollars at radio shack for one.
second i was sick of having so many chargers that i had to take with me everywhere i went for more than 24 hours, trips, vacations, family visits, etc. so i decided to build them both in one and while accomplishing those two ends i created a wonderful night-light as well!

\this will void your warranty and possibly harm you or your electronics - I take no responsibility for your actions or use of my information.

This charger is working great and i have used it for two months straight so far!

i used
1x PSU ( PC power supply ) watted at whatever you want
1x 3 Prong Outlet
1x 2 Prong Outlet
1x European power terminals (radioshack)
1x Dual USB Car Charger (Make sure you get one that will charge your phone and ipod - some won't!)(you could alternately use a USB hub but wire it to 5V DC instead of 12V DC
Misc hot-glue and solder
2x red LEDs

make sure you solder and hot-glue every connection for strength and to keep the connections from touching when charger is moved

the two outlets are wired to the 120V AC input with a switch in between but remember that if the charger is plugged into 220V AC then the outlets will both be 220V also!

The terminals for the bench power supply are just connected to the wires of different colors.

the USB ports are from disassembling a car charger and wiring it into the 12V DC (same voltage as a cars power system) but you could also use a USB hub like you would use with your PC but connect it into the 5V DC instead as that is what it runs on, but make sure that the charger will charge you phone or ipod whatever you plan on charging.(make sure you used a hub or chargeer and do not connect the 5V line straight to a plain USB port you have salvaged or you may harm your electronics from too much current even though it is at the right voltage.

the LEDs are connected to the grey and purple wires and ground.

one thing i thought of doing but didn't was adding a 12V DC cigarette lighter socket for car chargers - i will add it on the next one, but you might want to consider it for yours if you think you would use it!

PSU color codes (you can find these online or sometimes on the side with the specs of your PSU)

Yellow = +12V DC
Red = +5V DC
Orange = +3.3V DC
Black = -Ground DC
Blue = -5V DC
White = -12V DC
Grey = +5V DC for LED indicator only
Purple = +5V DC for LED indicator only
Brown = Power Load - Connect to Orange if present (if present it must be connected to orange for PSU to run)
Green = Power switch - MUST be shorted (connected) to Black for PSU to run! use this for a turn on switch if you desire one.

I think that is everything - if you have questions please comment but nothing negative please!

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