Introduction: Hack and Upgrade Your Stereo System With a Bluetooth Module

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I have this stereo amplifier that has a great sound but without wireless connectivity.

With a few bucks and a bit of patience it's possible to make it a great bluetooth stereo system!

Step 1: Buy Some Components

You will need:

  • A bluetooth module xs3868 (less than 4USD on eBay) (see picture)
  • A 3x7cm prototype PCB board (less than a dollar on eBay) (see picture)
  • A 470µF electrolytic capacitor
  • Some single row straight headers
  • Your iron and solder
  • Some wires

Step 2: Assemble the Components Together

Solder the headers on the PCB, then the Bluetooth module to the headers.

Solder the 470µF capacitor as described in the picture.

Solder 5 wires:

  • 2 wires for the power: red to +5V pin and black to ground pin
  • 3 wires for the output: white to ground pin (Agnd), blue to right pin (R) and green to left pin (L)

Step 3: Open Your Stereo Amplifier

Safety first: unplug your amplifier before doing anything.

Then unscrew the cover and try to locate any 5V voltage regulator like the one in the picture.

You will also need to locate where the RCA plugs are connected.

Step 4: Connect Your Circuit to the Amplifier

Solder the output wires to the desired input RCA. Make sure you are soldering correctly (ground, left and right).

Solder the power wires to the voltage regulator.

Step 5: Test Put an Antenna and Cover

This is it!

You just have to plug you amplifier, be careful not to electrocute yourself!

With any bluetooth device (smart phone, computer, tablet etc.) try to connect to the bluetooth module and play some music.

You should hear some nice wireless sound!

If you don't unplug your amplifier and double check all your solders and connections.

Before covering you will need to add an extra antena soldered to the existing one because the cover will certainly block any electromagnetic wave to get out from the amplifier, and also to get inside your amplifier, including the bluetooth waves.

Drill a small hole and pass the wire/antenna through it.

You just need to cover your amplifier back and you're done!

Thanks for reading!