Hack Your Ecobutton!



Introduction: Hack Your Ecobutton!

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to use the Ecobutton to do stuff like going to websites, running software and opening files. Using the ecobutton to self-destruct will be available in version 2.0 (never).

Step 1: Run Ecobutton Hack!

1: Download the Ecobutton Hack.zip in this instructable
2: Unzip it :)
3: Run EcoHackr.vbs
4: Follow the instructions
5: Hit the button!

For more info, read the Readme.txt

I've added an uninstall file to remove the file created by the hack (if you run EcoHackr after uninstalling, it'll install again).

I have tried the ecobutton hacker on a pc with the original ecobutton software on it:

-when you have used the hacker and hit your ecobutton, it'll go to the URL or file you specified.
-when you use the uninstaller, the ecobutton will be eco-friendly again (or will not do anything)

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