Introduction: Hack Your Wrapping Paper!

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It is the Christmas season once more, and you know what that means!  Gifts and stress galore!  

And once more, the house is strewn with rolls of wrapping paper, awaiting gifts to be wrapped.

Along with that one little problem...The wrapping paper will either unroll when you don't want it to, or roll up when you're trying to wrap a gift or cut a length of it!  

Sure rubber bands can help, but how many times has it snagged your paper and created a tear?  Elf that!

This frustrating problem can be solved with one simple solution...

All you need is some empty cardboard rolls (TP rolls work best, or cut up paper towel tubes or even old tubes from wrapping paper!)

Step 1: Cut!

Cut a slit up the side of your cardboard tube.  This creates a lovely little holder for your wrapping paper.

Simply slide one or two over your wrapping paper and voila!   No more unrolling paper or annoying rubber bands.

Step 2: When Wrapping Gifts...

They also serve very well to keep your tube from rolling back onto the paper when wrapping gifts.  

Simply rotate the tubes until the loose end of the paper is sticking out, then pull out the length of paper you need!

The tubes will help keep it from rolling back onto itself!

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