Introduction: Hacking Flash Games

Hello my fellow computer nerds and nerdets!
Today I will me showing you how to hack flash games for free, with no danger to your pc.

Step 1: Getting the Software

Okay, all you need for this is some free software-

Flasm, easily googeled.
Mozilla firefox, with the unplug add-on.
A brain.

Step 2: The Last Step.Not Really.

Now all you need to start is to put the flasm folder on your desktop. 

Now go on firefox and navigate to the page with the game you want to hack. Note that this will only work with flash games. Right click anywhere on the page and select unplug. You will get some options of what you would like to download. Pick the game ( work out which one it is, some websites give them weird names) and save it to your flasm folder.
Assuming the name of your game was GAME1, you must now do the following in a cmd window (start, all programmes, accessories, command prompt) - 

cd desktop
cd flasm

Then you will get a list of options. ignore them and instead type-

flasm -d GAME1.swf > GAME1.txt.

Go to your flasm folder and you will now see the game in a notepad file. open it.

Step 3: The Hacking Part

You should see a lot of text, but as long as it's in English you should be OK. 
Press control-f on your keyboard to open the find tool. Now assuming in GAME1 you have 3 lives, and you want 999 lives, in the find tool type in lives or life or money or whatever it is you want to change. When you find it with the number you have originally have next to it, you've hit the jackpot. change the value to whatever you want and then save the file.

Go back to the command prompt and now type in flasm -a GAME1.txt. You should get a message saying the action is complete.
Go back to the flasm folder. You should now have the following-

Ignore the one with the dollar sign and the click the flash file. if you did it right you should now have a hacked flash game!