Hacking Standard Euroboxes for Transporting Long Stuff

Introduction: Hacking Standard Euroboxes for Transporting Long Stuff

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On my job as propsmaster I need to move a lot of stuff from storage to rehearsal rooms, from rehearsal rooms on stage, from stage back in storage and so on. As all this places are in different buildings an floors an the stuff (aka props) comes in different shapes, sizes and length, I need a flexible solution for transport. I prefer Euroboxes, because they are very sturdy, come in various sizes and fit on top of each other perfectly. But I was missing something for the "long stuff" like prop guns or sabres or oversized cuttlery (hey it's theatre). So I built my own....

Step 1: Cut Out the Bottom

Decide how many boxes you need (I took two high ones and a lower one) and cut out the bottom of the boxes. Keep the sawblade close to the edge and a bit angled so that the tip of the blade points away from the wall of the box to avoid to much damage. When done clean the cut with a file and some sandpaper. Repeat step as needed.

Step 2: Additional Slots for Safe Interlocking

To keep the boxes safely on top of each other, I made some extra lashing slots at the bottom edge, corresponding to the ones on the top edge. I put two boxes on top of each other and marked the spot. Then I drilled two holes and made two cuts with the saw to create a slot. Finally I cleaned all up with a file. Repeat four times for each box.

Step 3: Add Everything Together

Now put as many boxes/frames on top of each other as needed, fix them together with two lashing straps, add a cover and you're done.

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