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Introduction: Hagrid Sticker

Having seen this contest, I immediately realized that I wanted to make something different, lovely and cute. I also did not forget about my dream to learn to paint. So, now we`ll start to create our own stickers based on a favorite book or movie to glue them on anything you want. I divided the entire process into two parts: painting and making.


For this part we need:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Graphic tablet
  • Photoshop (a version doesn`t matter) or any other suitable editor
  • Patience
If you haven`t a graphic tablet, you may use Tablet PC, just find painting app in the Store. For example, Autodesk SketchBook. Or you may use vector editors with comfortable line control only by mouse (Corel, Illustrator).



  • Laser printer
  • Nail scissors and tiny stationery knife
  • Scotch
  • Water

Step 1: Inspiration Search

If you are confident in your desire to draw by yourself, but do not know what exactly, look through stills, remember your favorite moments or maybe spend an hour or two watching your favorite movie. Stock up with references.

Step 2: Sketch

Draw a sketch. Only the general shapes, don`t drawn details, avoid daub on the same place. Prepare it for digital editing, scan or take a photo of it.

Step 3: Detalisation

Now it`s time for Photoshop!

I`ve create a new file 1500x1400, 200 pixels/inch and RGB Color Mode and linked (File -Place Linked) my sketch (do not forget rasterize this layer). But it was not absolutely good decision as the image should be printed. So use hight resolution (200-300 pixels/inch) and CMYK Color Mode.

If you can not foresee the size of your image, simply drag your photo-sketch into Photoshop window and use Image - Image/CanvasSize to adjust a right size.

Adjust the brush for outlines and detail your sketch. Do not hesitate to use the references during drawing, you may place them on new layer near the working area.

Step 4: Base Colors

Add base colors, sign each layer on its content for clearnest. As you can see, I lowered outline opacity and removed the paper sketch at all. Experiment with colors, improve the shapes. Do not be afraid to go beyond the lines, better fill the desired area with a large brush, and then remove the excess with eraser (E). Remember, each element (in other words, the color) on a new layer. If you already have filled some profile with color but realised that do not like it, use Image - Adjustment - Color Balance.

Step 5: Light and Shadows and Details

Add shadows, light and other trifles. As the stiker is isolated I didn`t add complementary colors in shadows and light, I`ve simply used Brightness Cube in Color panel and some variations with opacity. Masks should be used not to go beyond the boundaries of the object: creat new layer over the layer with the object and right mouse click - Create Clipping Mask. You may use Image - Adjustment - Levels for brightness control. After all manipulations with lights and shadows select the layers holding the Shift and combine them (right click - Merge Down). Try to plece the layers in the natural order. For example, goggles atop the face and under the hair.

Step 6: the Final Touches

Great! We`ve done! So now we should save the image without background, in PNG format. If your final image has a background just select it with Magic Wand (W) and delete.

Step 7: Printing

Only for laser printer!

Place your pictures in any text editor (you can fill out the whole sheet) and print.

Step 8: Scotch Time

Cover the whole thing with scotch (if it is not covered in a layer, cover neatly each previous layer on 10-30%). The scotch should be well pressed and ironed by hand.

Step 9: Cutting

It`s easy, just be careful.

Step 10: Cleaning

Bring our sticker under running water and veeery gently erase the paper by fingertips.

Step 11: Drying

Dry the scotch with hairdryer or wait for half an hour until it`ll dry itself and resume its sticky properties.

I apologize for the last unillustrated steps, I simply didn`t find laser printer nearby, so in my case this trick failed((
I leave Hagrid file here, maybe somebody find it useful)
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    4 years ago

    This is really cute! I've been wanting to learn more about digital art, and this was very helpful, and it's even better that there's a really cute Hagrid!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I`m so glad to hear this. Thank you))


    4 years ago

    I love how it turned out!


    Reply 4 years ago

    O, thanks, I`m pleased you like it ^_^