Introduction: Hair Accessories Organizer

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Have you had trouble finding the right color bobby pin or that favorite ponytail holder that seems to have slipped off the edge of the Earth? If so, it's time for a new organization method. I used to keep my bobby pins loose in a drawer, but I had trouble distinguishing black pins from brown pins, and I could never come up with a second blue bobby pin when I needed it. My ponytail holders were always getting misplaced too. With the Hair Accessories Organizer, you can bring organization and color into your life! Each color ponytail holder goes in a certain spot in the box, and bobby pins slide onto a foam area on the lid. Let's get crafting!


  • Scissors
  • A box with a lid
  • Old markers to take caps from
  • Old tape dispensers to take empty tape rolls from
  • Construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Foam sheets
  • X-acto knife
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Ponytail holders and bobby pins to fill the organizer

Step 1: Collect Old Caps and Tape Rolls

First, find old markers and empty tape dispensers. I will show two different methods of the Hair Accessories Organizer, one with a shallow, wide box and one with a long, deeper box. You may have a differently sized box than I show. Measure the height of common objects that will act as the center for a ponytail holder organizer. Measure the depth of your box as well. Find an object that will stand up in your box with the lid closed. I took caps from markers for my deeper box and rolls from empty tape dispensers for my more shallow box. The number of them you need depends on the size of your box.

Step 2: Method 1: Gluing the Marker Caps

If you are using marker caps, space them about 1 inch apart in your box with the lid off. Place a dot of hot glue where you want the cap to go, and squirt a ring of hot glue around the base of the cap. Press the cap firmly in the desired location. Repeat this procedure until all of the caps are glued.

Step 3: Method 2: Gluing the Tape Rolls

If you are using empty tape rolls, first space them out evenly in your box, leaving room for a ponytail holder to wrap around each roll. Make a list of the colors of ponytail holders you have so you don't forget any. Take a tape roll, and trace around it on the color of construction paper desired. Cut out the circle, and hot glue it to the bottom of the tape roll. Then, squirt hot glue on the bottom of the piece (on the construction paper side), and stick it to the desired location in the box. Repeat this procedure until all rolls have been glued.

Step 4: Cut and Glue the Foam

Now find your box's lid. Place the lid on top of the piece of foam. Trace around the box, and cut out the foam shape. After doing so, place a bobby pin on the foam in the position you want your bobby pins to slide in. Then, draw a line above the pin. The number of rows you draw depends on the size of your box. Once your rows have been drawn, use an X-acto knife to cut along the lines to make a slit. The slit must have space on each side so you do not cut off a portion of the foam. Carefully glue along the edges of the foam, and stick the foam to the lid. Make sure the slit does not get sealed by sliding your finger through the opening.

Step 5: Decorate and Fill the Organizer

To decorate your box, you can use Washi Tape around the edges. Color coordinate your ponytail holders by placing them around the cap or tape roll of the desired color. Organize your bobby pins in rainbow order on the foam lid.

Step 6: You Are Done!

Once you have finished organizing your hair accessories, have fun selecting the color ponytail holder you want as well as the bobby pins you would like to wear each and every day! Your vibrant Hair Accessories Organizer will color your life! Enjoy!

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