Hair Barrette

Introduction: Hair Barrette

Today I will show you how to make a leather hair barrette. Most of the supplies are shown in the pictures, with the exceptions of the leather, 80mm hair barrette, and the extra small rivets.

Step 1: Planning and Design

The first step is planning out your design. You can make it look like just about anything you can think of, I have choosing a watermelon wedge for this demonstration. The only requirement at this point is to measure the hole spacing on the 80mm hair barrette and make it on your design. Later you will be punching these holes out to rivet the leather to the hair barrette.

Once I have my design I transfer it to tracing paper and then to the leather by moistening the leather and using a tracing stylus. Then with the exact-o knife I carefully cut the shape from the leather.

Step 2: Tooling the Leather

The second step is tooling the design into the leather. This is a simple design using only 3 tools

1. I go over all the lines with my swivel knife.

2. Then I bevel around all the cut lines using Craftool #B701.

3. For some texture on the fruit part(the part that will be red later) I use Craftool #M882.

4. Last I add a few decorative cuts with the swivel knife.

5. Punch holes for rivets.

Step 3: Adding Color

This is simple. I painted it to look like watermelon.

I also used some dark brown leather stain slightly watered down over the paint to bring out the tooling a little more. I just wiped it on, waited 30 seconds and wiped it off. This step isn't entirely necessary but I like the look it gives it.

Last I put a layer of Super Shine as a finish on both the front and back of the leather.

Step 4: Attaching the Barrette

Last is attaching the leather to the metal hair barrette. I use the extra small rivets because they fit through the holes on the metal hair barrette and leather nicely without covering much of the design on the front of the leather. Using the rivet setting kit, I hammer the rivet pieces together for a tight and long lasting connection.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice barrettes! Thanks for sharing this.