Hair Bun Tutorial

Introduction: Hair Bun Tutorial

Step 1: Brush Your Hair XD

Brush your hair (well duh xD)

Step 2: Pull Your Hair in Front of You

Put your hair in front of you by bending over and letting your hair fall over your face (hard to explain lol)

Step 3: Start French Braiding Upward

Starting at the bottom of your scalp, French braid your hair, working your way up

Step 4: Pull Your Hair Into a Pony Tail

This one is pretty self explanatory lol

Step 5: Get a Hair Donut

Put the donut through your ponytail

Step 6: Wrap Your Hair Around the Donut

This one is also self explanatory

Step 7: All Done!

Hope it made sense xD

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    5 years ago

    I love what you are getting at here, but I have a MAJOR issue. You were saying that putting your hair in a ponytail and wrapping your hair around the bun piece is "self explanatory" whereas some people may not think so. People get on here to learn how to do/make things and by you saying "oh well, its self explanatory" does not help the people learning this hairstyle. Yes it may be self explanatory to you but some people may get very confused. Im not saying this to embarrass you at all, im saying this so next time you make a tutorial you wont make the same mistake. I completely LOVE this hairstyle though, i think i might try it. If you have any questions,comments,or concerns inbox me. Good luck on the rest of your tutorials!


    7 years ago

    Perfect :0