Introduction: Hair Clip Frame

This is a fun and effective way to re-purpose an old frame to organize small hair clips

Materials needed:

Old Frame
Ribbon (Length will change depending on size of frame)
Decorations for frame (we used a fabric flower)
Paint for your frame
Staple gun
Hot glue gun
Hair clips

Step 1:
Find and old frame that you would like to use.  If there is anything in the middle, remove it.  We found this frame at a thrift store for $.50 cent.  

Step 2:
Paint your frame the color that you would like.  If you like the frame the way it is, you can skip this step.

Step 3:
Decorate your frame.  In this case, we used a fabric flower and used hot glue to attach it to the frame.  you can add more things if you would like to.  The flower we used came from a old headband.

Step 4:
Cut your ribbons to length.  Take the ribbon and measure it from outside edge to outside edge.  Measuring it this way will give you enough room to staple or attach your ribbon to the frame.

Step 5:
Attach ribbons to your frame.  When we did this we spaced them out as evenly as we could by just looking at them.  We didn't spend the time with a tape measure measuring the distance between each ribbon.  If you would like to do that, just find a good distance between ribbons, measure it, and then repeat for remaining ribbons.  To attach the ribbons, we used a staple gun.  It was fast and is holding the ribbons really well.

Step 6:
If your frame didn't come a way to hang it on the wall you can make one with ribbon.  Simply get a piece of ribbon and staple it to each of the top corners. 

Step 7:
Attach Hair clips to ribbons and hang on the wall.  Enjoy.