Hair Comb

Introduction: Hair Comb

In Autodesk Fusion 360, I decided to create a hair comb that I would 3D print.

Step 1: Create the Top of the Hair Comb

The first step I did to make this hair comb is, I opened Autodesk Fusion and created a new project where I created the base of what the hair comb would look like.

Step 2: Making the Legs of the Comb

Once I made the top of the hair comb, I created the two legs on the sides of the comb.

Step 3: Creating the Teeth

After the legs were made and added, I created the teeth on the comb. I created a rectangle from the center of the comb and connected it to the base of the comb and rounded the end. I then copied it and added the teeth across the whole of the comb, making it the desired size.

Step 4: Rounding the Top of the Comb

Once the comb was created, I decided to round the top of the comb to make it better. I then converted and 3D printed it.

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