Introduction: Hair Growth - Natural Home Remedies for Fast Hair Growth & Thickness - Tips for Long Hair

Losing hair is a cause of concern for both men and women. Bald patches are most visible sign in men, with a receding hairline and little or no hair on the head. The heredity factor plays a big role, especially when it comes to male pattern balding. In women, other factors like hormonal imbalance lead to thinning of hair. However, what is common to both men and women when it comes to hair loss is stress. Other causes include underlying chronic ailments such as anaemia, typhoid etc, Vitamin B6 and folic acid deficiency, or an unclean scalp with clogged follicles.

Try using these simple ingredients available in the kitchen to help prevent hair loss.

Boil a cup of mustard oil or sarson ka tel as it is known. To the boiling oil, add four tablespoons of henna or mehendi leaves. Remove from heat and cool, then strain the oil. Store in a clean bottle, and regularly massage this oil onto the scalp

Break an egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. Put the yolk in a bowl, add a tsp of honey, and mix it well. Apply this mixture to the bald patches, leave for at least half an hour. Wash off the hair.

Alternatively, you can beat an egg yolk till it is smooth and creamy, apply on the scalp and let it remain for 30 minutes, and then wash it off.

To avoid hair fall, do not comb your hair when it is wet.

Oil your hair once or twice a week, and remember to massage your scalp well, as this stimulates growth.

Follow these remedies and enjoy a head full of healthy hair for a long time.

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