Hair- Loose Side Bun

Introduction: Hair- Loose Side Bun

Step 1:

Section side part- clients right side.

Step 2:

Spray each section with Liquid Texture.
Place large hot rollers in the front section, horizontally.

Step 3:

Continue to spray each section with Liquid Texture.
Place hot rollers at the crown of the head in a brick winding pattern.

Step 4:

Place the remaining hair in a side ponytail. Clients left side.

Step 5:

Spray each section with Liquid texture and place the ponytail section in to medium-small sized hot rollers.
Leave these rollers in for approx 10mins to cool before removing.

Step 6:

Remove hot rollers from the ponytail and gently back comb the hair

Step 7:

Wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail in an anticlockwise direction. Secure the hair with bobby pins, leaving the ends out and wispy to create the 'loose' effect.

Step 8:

Remove the bottom row of hot rollers at the crown. Back comb to create volume.
Wrap the hair from this section around the ponytail , this time in a clockwise direction. Pin with bobby pins, again leave the ends out.

Step 9:

Repeat the previous step with the top section...
Remove hot rollers. Back comb. Twist around the ponytail also in clockwise direction, pin leave the ends out.

Step 10:

Remove hot rollers from front section. Comb through. Back comb if needed.
Twist hair over tail comb (Nike tick) to create twist. Wrap hair around ponytail, clockwise and pin.

Step 11:

Remove he last section of hot rollers at the front. Comb through, back comb if needed and wrap around the ponytail, clockwise. Pin, leaving the ends untucked.

Step 12:

Use only a light mist of finishing spray right at the end to sweep away fly always to keep this look soft. Use working spray (infinity or spray de mode) throughout if needed.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking guide, and very well put together. Thanks!