Introduction: Hair Tie Clamp for Amputees

This clamp was designed to assist amputees with completing a task that, to many, would seem trivial, but to an amputee, would pose a problem: tying a hair tie.

Step 1: Print Clamp

  1. Scale the clamp based on the size or amount of hair
  2. Print 2 copies of the model with the desired dimensions
    • Both must be the same size to fit properly
  3. Find a nut and bolt that would fit through the center hole of the model
  4. glue a spring that fits into the smaller holes in the handle

Step 2: Attach the Clamp and Tie Hair Tie

  1. Use the clamp to secure all of your hair into a single, tight, column
    • The clamp will spring closed allowing it to hang from the base of the head
  2. With the hair secured, wrap the hair tie around the fingers of your hand, creating an opening used to pull the hair through
  3. Pull the column of hair through the hair tie
  4. Remove the clamp from hair