Hair Trouble? Five Quick and Easy Hair Hacks to Tame Your Locks



Introduction: Hair Trouble? Five Quick and Easy Hair Hacks to Tame Your Locks

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Hair trouble? Out of a favorite life saving product maybe?

Well use these quick simple fixes to save your hair. And go from out of bed to sleek and styled.

The majority of the things I will be using are probably already in your kitchen!


Step 1: Hair Hack #1: Fear Frizz No More!


Static cling making you frown? Well fear frizz no more.

Simply run a dryer sheet through your hair after styling.

And Fizz is done! :D


Step 2: ​Hair Hack #2: for Quick Curly Hair. No Curling Iron Needed.


After washing hair wrap in a t-shirt to prevent frizz.

Use a blow dryer while your hair is still wrapped in the t-shirt to dry your hair a little bit.

Slowly remove t-shirt from hair and blow dry just the top of the hair.

Comb into place with the bottom of hair still damp.

Use fingers to twirl bits of hair repeatedly to make it curl more.

Use what ever you have handy (hair gel, hair moose or hair spray) to hold in curl for all day look.


Step 3: Hair Hack #3: for More Body!


Blow dry hair upside down.

Then using a comb, lightly comb the underside of your hair backwards just a little.

Flip back over and smooth and style.

Spray with hair spray to finish look.

Step 4: Hair Hack #4: to Get Added Shine.


For added shine try a vinegar rise.

Apple cider vinegar for darker hair and white vinegar for lighter colored hair is recommended.


Step 5: Hair Hack #5: ​Oh No! Out of Dry Shampoo?


Oh No! Out of dry shampoo? Quick fix no problem.

For medium brown to dark black hair use a make up brush to apply Hershey's coco powder to roots.

For lighter shades of hair may use baking soda.

For grey hair use baby powder.

Wear an old shirt that doesn’t mater.

Shake to reduce excess and wipe any excess from face and body.

Comb into place.


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