Introduction: Hair&Tie

Hair&Tie Company, where ties meet hair.

Step 1: Print 3D STL Files.

Print out the Hair&Tie STL files. One file includes the cylinder with the hair-tie holder and the other file contains the clamp used to hold the hair. (color will vary depending on printer)

Step 2: Secure Hair Tie Onto Cylinder

Use an able hand to pre twist a hair tie as necessary around the printed cylinder.

Step 3: Use Clamp to Collect Hair

Use the clamp printed to gather up all the hair into a single thick strand. Start by opening the clamp and securing your hair to twist it with your able hand. We are trying to make it an ease getting all the stray hairs into the cylinder.

Step 4: Stuff Hair Into Cylinder

Using the clamp to make an easily malleable strand of hair, stuff the hair down into the cylinder as pictured above. By twisting your hair and weaving it into a single thread makes the process of stuffing into the cylinder easier.

Step 5: Remove Clip Once All Hair Is in Cylinder.

Safely remove the clip from gathering all the hair.

Step 6: Adjust Cylinder Accordingly

Using this time move the cylinder to whichever preference on your hair for the hair tie.

Step 7: Roll Hair Tie Off of Cylinder

Roll the hair tie off and begin to remove the cylinder.

Step 8: You're Finished.

You now have a successful hair tie in your hair.

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