Introduction: Hairy Iphone! DIY PHONE CASE Life Hacks - Hot Glue Phone Case

I bet you've never seen a hairy iPhone! Well in this DIY phone case tutorial you certainly will! :))

As our phones are nowadays a bit like our second identity, I have decided to make a " miniature me " ...Slightly creepy, but a lot of fun! :) So If you like DIY phone case life hacks you need to try this yourself ;) And don't forget to let me know if you do, as always, I would love to see pictures of your creations!

Creating hot glue phone case is so much fun, just make sure you don't burn yourself while making it! ;)

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I just love iPhone hacks! Don't you?! :)

Step 1: You Can Watch My Video Tutorial Here

You can watch my video tutorial here or read written instructions in the next steps. Or both :)

Step 2: ​Materials I Used

Materials I used

A wig - I bought mine from a pound shop(dollar store), but if you buy a better wig then this, you will end up with more hair sections then I did and it will look better as well :)

Hot glue gun (Stanley):

Glue sticks (Stanley):

Nail varnish (colour to match the wig)


phone case (Ebay purchase)

Step 3: ​Cutting the Wig

Get the wig and cut it into single hair sections. When you do that, make sure you get rid of the netting and all the threads so that it looks nice and neat once it’s glued on. You will end up with different sizes and different thicknesses, but don’t trow any of them away, you will be able to use all of them later on.

Get one of the sections and wrap it half way around the case and cut. Then use this to measure all the other hair strips and cut them to match the same size. Get them all ready before you start gluing - it will speed up the whole process.

Step 4: Gluing the Hair Sections

The best way I found to glue them on is to apply the glue on the front of the case, stick the hair piece and then glue the sides afterwards, it gives you more control.

Also, check that you have enough of the hair sections. I had quite a lot of them, so I glued them right on the top of each other, but you might have to leave bigger gaps. Also leave a few of the nice and neat hair strips for the top part as that will be the most visible bit.

Once you get to the holes for the volume and camera, just leave them clear and stick smaller sections around them - you still want to be able to use them ok. And basically keep sticking more and more hair on the case until it looks really full and tidy.

Step 5: Finishing Touches :)

Get scissors and cut all the bits sticking out on the edges of the case and the camera hole.

Once you are happy with the case, apply a generous amount of the glue on the edges as they will be sharp. And when the glue has dried apply a coat or two of the nail varnish on the edges and inside of the camera hole and really anywhere where the glue is visible.

Last but not least, get a hair brush and brush out all the hair that’s loose and not been stuck to the case properly.

Step 6: Finished Phone Case

And that’s it, now you can get on with some styling and freaking people out! :) Oh that reminds me, don't use red nail varnish! ( unless it's Halloween or your wig is actually red!) :))))

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