Introduction: Hal 9000 Costume

Here is the Hal 9000 costume 100% home made ;)

You'll need :

-some cardboard

-a tablet

-black acrylic paint



-a mosquito net (or something look like a thin grid)

-a head strap (anything to keep the mask on your head ;)

Step 1: Cardboard Preparation

I was lucky I got a cardboard with a width wich fit my head size but you can build your own. No need for glue, only cut and fold. For the dimension I followed a plan of Hal based on the film. Mesure the width of your cardboard then use the following rule :

height of the cardboard = (width of the cardboard * height of the drawing ) / width of the drawing (then replace height with eye diametre, position, etc)

For the diametre of the eye, I took the maximum that was possible without seeing the edge of my tablet.

Step 2: Painting and Preparing the Grid

Now unfold your cardboard (ok you can keep it folded but it will be less perfect on edge) and simply paint it in black with acrylic. For the grid take something you can see through ;) I used a mosquito grid net that I painted in black before stiking it.

Step 3: Details

Take some shiny material and cut 0.5mm bands and past them with glue.

Then print the logo (you can take mine)

Step 4: The Eye : a Tablet!

Time to fix your tablet. As for me I simply use pieces of cardboard to fix it, but you can eventually add some scotch or glue (wait for final step before if you do so).

Also add some strip as a head mount

Step 5: Perfect !

Charge the battery, go to parameters and check that the screen saver time value is to never, dowload the red eye image, display it, put the tablet in the cardboard, and it's finish!

Ask if you need further advice ;)