Half-Block Lightning Trick

Introduction: Half-Block Lightning Trick

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Hey guys. Forgive me if you have seen this somewhere else but I thought I'd share some of the lighting techniques I use in Minecraft. Namely Half-Block Lighting.

Step 1: Simple Example and Intro

When creating light sources, you can display parts of the light source block using half blocks (or slabs as they are more commonly known). To do this, make sure the top and bottom of the light source block are touching another block so that no light escapes from that face. Then, on each face, either cover a face with a full block or a slab. Once there is either a full block or slab on each face, you will notice how the light dims the room to half the brightness than what a normal light source block would do.

Step 2:

This can be done in many different ways with many different setups to give better results. You may even use different slabs and replace the glowstone block with something like a torch. NOTE: The block that the torch will be placed in is known and the light source block.

Step 3: Placing Other Light Sources Too Close

Make sure not to place other light sources too close or you will lose the effect you are trying to give off.

Step 4: Many Other Uses

You can obviously use this technique to make a bunch of different designs and contraptions using sticky pistons and intricate circuits. The example attached is very basic and just shows how you can turn the dim light effect on and off using a switch. For a better effect, I would recommend using pressure plates and hiding the redstone circuits under the floor etc.

Enjoy making those strip clu...*cough*...I mean dungeons :D

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