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Quick and easy zombie chewed legs or ankles

Step 1: Materials

All you need to make these props is a spare shoe, a spare sock, some corrugated card, tape, a spare piece of foam, a piece of pvc pipe, paint and a good set of teeth!

Step 2: Building Up the Leg

Wrap the card up and gradually build up thicker as you go up using your leg as a guide for the height ect. Wrap tape around to secure. Stick a small piece of pvc pipe in the top to act as a bone. It doesnt have to be perfect the shape gets hidden by material.

Step 3: Chewed Flesh

Next at the top hot glue a spare piece of foam around the top a bit higher than the card. Now you can either shred the foam with a knife but i find the best way is to actually bite the foam (be careful not to swallow). Keep the bite offs and glue them to the inside of the leg to create flesh and blood. Its not essential but i usually use pipe insulation foam aswell as this melts on contact with hot glue and creates a gooey effect.

Step 4: Paint

Now paint the foam a fleshy colour. Only paint the foam as you wont see the rest later. After that go in with different shades of red on a dry brush and create a bruised bloody effect on the edges of the flesh. Finally paint the inside flesh red. You could also add a bit of yellow to add fatty details. Its upto you.

Step 5: Final Detail

Finally add some material. You could either cut up some old pants or i just used an old £ shop dracula cape material wrapped it around and glued at the back. When your done stick it in a shoe and your sorted!

Step 6: Alternatives

Alternatively you could just do the ankle which was one piece of card and foam which looks great as well. Also for this one instead of paint i used flesh latex which gave it a real skin touch and appearance. You can easily make a leg or ankle in 30 mins if your fast! Happy halloweening!

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