Introduction: Half Life 2 D0G T-shirt

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I love the game series Half Life, and one of my favorite characters is D0G, a giant robot who acts like a dog and protects Aylx Vance. So I decided to make a funny t-shirt, so I made DØG's head and WØØF to go with it. So hopefully now you will want to make it! So lets get started, and remember when making this not to rush, just a suggestion.

Step 1: Materials

Here is the stuff you will need:

D0G's head pattern (that's on the PDF)
Graph paper 
Plain white t-shirt (whatever size you need)
Red,grey,and black thread
Pins and pincushion
Red,grey, and black thin fabric (estimate how much you will need when you see the pattern)
Sewing machine, you can do all hand sewing for this but it is better if you have a sewing machine for all this. 

I forgot to put the black fabric in this picture, but you will need it. And when I made thin bold, I meant that it shouldn't be plush,fluffy,stringy, that kind of thing.

Step 2: Cutting

First print out the PDF to how big you want it on your shirt, then cut out each of the sections separately and set them aside, but leave a little room for when you pin them on. Then set out the grey fabric for the head sections and outer eye piece and the red for the inner eye piece and the black  for when we finish the letters. Also, it's ok when you cut out the eye and there's no extra room, it will be fine.

Step 3: Making the Letters

Now take the graph paper and draw on the letters to how big you want them on your t-shirt. But instead of doing o's for the woof word, use the binary code 0 or  Ø. Then cut out the letters when they are to your liking, because that is important for you, but make sure that there is enough room to pin it and cut it out again on the fabric. Personally, I would suggest making it look like how it does on the computer ( W00F) but you can make it look however you want, but remember to do the o's as Ø's. 

Step 4: Pinning and Cutting Again

Take your grey fabric and pin the three sections of the head on and also pin on the eye, then cut out the pieces as neat as possible because if you don't cut them out nice, it wont look good on your t-shirt! Then take the eyepiece and pin it again on the red fabric and cut out the center eye section. Then pin the letters on to the black fabric,then just cut out the letters and your ready to start sewing!

Step 5: Sewing!

First take your t-shirt and put on the words and head and move it around until you found where you want the, then pin them on.

Hand Sewing:
Sew on the head sections first, then sew on the eye and center eye piece. Then sew on the words next, but remember to use the right color thread for when you sew it all on. But be warned, hand sewing takes WAY longer than machine sewing, but if you don't have a machine, you'll have to do this way.

Machine Sewing:
Sew on the head sections first, then sew on the eye and center eye piece. Then sew on the words next, but remember to use the right color thread on the bobbin and main thread for when you sew it all on. Remember not to sew the front and back of the shirt together! This way is way faster than doing it all by hand and unless you are using a really thick fabric (I don't suggest), your machine should be able to do it pretty fast.

Step 6: Wearing!

YAY! Now your finished and can mock the people who don't know who DØG is! *laughs maniacally* Anyways, I have also been secretly working on a "Yabba! My Icing!" T-shirt, but I don't have a instructable for that yet ,but still, thanks for reading my instructable! But remember to wash the shirt in COLD WATER and DON'T put it in the dryer, SET IT OUT TO DRY! If you don't listen to me, you could ruin all of the stitches and shrink it to nothingness! >:( 

Step 7: PDF

Here's the PDF, change it to make it how big you want it before you print it because it's SUPER TINY when you first print it out! Just warning you now... challenge

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