Introduction: Half Life MetroCop Costume Part 1 (Weapons)

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This is the first part of the series where I will show you guys how to make a half-life MetroCop costume cosplay.


-PVC Pipe .8 inches wide

-plastic glue

-black/orange paint

-3D printed parts: Click Here

-3D printer (To print parts)

Step 1: Bottom Part

Cut a piece of the PVC pipe that is about 12 inches long. Now Apply glue to the bottom of the PVC pipe and attach the bottom piece.

Step 2: Middle Part

Now mark out a line about 4 inches from the bottom for the handle part to fit then apply glue and slide the piece onto the pipe so it is on the line.

Step 3: Top Part

Now apply glue to the top of the pipe and stick the final piece down.

Step 4: Dry

Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry for best results.

Step 5: Paint

Now spray-paint the whole thing black and wait for it to dry.

Step 6: More Paint...

Now that the paint is dry, paint the little bumpy rods on top an red-orange color (I used a glow in the dark paint but this is optional) paint and wait to dry.


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