Introduction: Half Life MetroCop Costume Part 2 (clothes)

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This is the second part of the series where I will show you guys how to make a half-life MetroCop costume cosplay.


- dark blue cloth

- old dark blue shirt

- old dark green pants

- white ribbon

- white patch

- sewing thread and needle

- patterns click here

- foam

- buckle click here

- black ribbon

- Airsoft Tactical Gloves click here

Step 1: Patch

Take the first pattern and cut it out on fabric and then stich the pattern onto it.

Step 2: Shirt

Take your blue shirt and sew the patch onto the right sleeve of it.

Step 3: Buckle

take a piece of black ribbon and wrap it around the buckle then cut it and set it aside ( Make 4 of them )

Step 4: Vest ( Part 1 )

Cut 2 Pieces out of the blue fabric with the pattern.

Step 5: Vest ( Part 2 )

Now cut a piece of the white patch that is about 3 inches by 4 inches then sew it in the middle of the vest.

take the buckles and sew them down shown on photo.

Step 6: Vest ( Part 3 )

lay down the piece of fabric that has stuff sewed on It and lay it down face up.

Now take the other piece of fabric and lay it on top of that one.

Step 7: Vest ( Part 4 )

Now that you have those laid out sew them together on the red lines in the photo.

Step 8: Vest ( Part 5 )

Now flip it inside out and take your cut of foam and stuff it inside if the vest then sew on the red lines.

Step 9: Pants

wear green or black pants to go with the outfit

Step 10: Mask

Optional: Wear some sort of gas mask to complete the look.

Step 11: Put It Together

Now put your costume together and try it on.