Introduction: Halloween Bat Greeting Card

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A Super Easy Card-Invitation for Halloween. A nice way to invite your friends to your Halloween Party. This Halloween you can create this minimal bat greeting card that is fun to do. It has 3 pages you can download to print and cut or if you have a cutting machine you can obtain the SVG file. This Halloween greeting card is also perfect to do with children because it is not complicated to do and has simple instructions anyone can understand. I hope you guys enjoy

You can find the template here:

After downloading your greeting card template, print and cut onto desired card-stock. Here I've used a black card-stock for the outside of the Halloween greeting card, orange for the inside, and black for the bats and yellow for the moon.

Step 1:

Print, cut, and score all the pieces to the Halloween bat pop-up greeting card.

Step 2:

Fold the scored lines for the outside greeting card piece and inside greeting card piece.

Make sure to push forward on the smaller square tab on the inside piece of the card when folding.

Step 3:

Now glue the inside piece of the greeting card to the outside piece.

You are going to first glue the top part of the inside greeting card piece to the top part of the outside greeting card piece.

Go ahead and do the same to the bottom section.

Step 4:

All that is left is glue on the bats and moon embellishments for the greeting card.

For the larger bat, glue only a portion of the wing to the square tab.

Happy Crafting!

Step 5: